Jay Marshall

Managing Chaplain HM Prison & Probation Service, Chaplain to Our Blue Light, Trustee Our Blue Light.  Prison Care Team Leader.

I am Jay and have been in the Prison Service for just over 23 years, having been Discipline for first 20 years and last 3 as Managing Chaplain.  I have worked in various male establishments around the country.  I love my job with the many different challenges it brings in the care and support for both staff and prisoners.  Prior to this I spent 4 years in the Army.

I am an advocate for mental health as I was diagnosed with PTSD 14 years ago after a serious assault.  The demons every so often come back and get me and by raising awareness and working with OBL it has helped me when times get harder.  I am also now not afraid to talk about it to help end the stigma.

Obviously as a Chaplain my faith as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serves me with a purpose in life and a determination to make mine and others lives better.  I don’t always have the answers but I do have the ear and desire to make things better.

You can get in touch by emailing: jay.marshall@ourbluelight.com