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Today was a first for @ourbluelight. Myself (@thebees_pfb) and Wayne Norris (@WayneNozza) gave our first presentation to young students BEFORE they join the emergency and essential services. These students are on a public service course at Blackpool Sixth Form studying to become a public service employee whether it be the army, prison, fire, police, ambulance (the list goes on).

The Ethos behind Our Blue Light is that #itsgoodtotalk #itsoknottobeok and pressing the 3 most important words (or some of them) that a person can ask #areyouok

The course was well received by the first 3 groups of students  @WayneNozza will be back tomorrow to deliver the presentation to another group of budding emergency and essential service staff.

This is an important step for Our Blue Light in reinforcing the fact that it’s ok no to be ok and that it’s good to talk. Making progress on riding the stigma surrounding mental health in the emergency and essential services. If we can get them in their youth before they join, then it’s an important step forward for the mental health and wellbeing of future staff.

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