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REAX are keen to support the health and wellbeing of the emergency and essential services within the UK. Working closely with Our Blue Light, REAX aim to support future development for all staff and volunteers of the services.  We are extremely pleased to have such an amazing team on board with our aspirations for the future.

REAX is a well-established Specialist Access and Rescue Training provider based in the North-West of England delivering training across the United Kingdom. REAX offers a comprehensive range of courses at its custom built training centre in Blackpool or on-site upon request. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of training that extensively covers both the theory and practical elements within a realistic training environment.
REAX instructors are a select group of current and former emergency services personnel from the Fire Service, Specialist Rope Rescue Units, NWAS Paramedic Teams, USAR Teams and Mountain Rescue with over 200 years operational experience between them. 
We ensure that our team at REAX keep up to date with changes in legislation, procedures and new equipment through our extensive CPD programme. The combination of our team’s experience and passion, together with our unrivalled training facilities, is what sets us apart from other training providers.

Visit REAX now to find out how we can best tailor our courses to suit your requirements.

CPDme provides an online website and mobile app that allows you to build, record and maintain a professional accurate record of your continuing professional development (CPD).
The website is designed to allow you to upload supporting documents such as certificates and other evidence along with examples of your reflective practice. You can easily print off a complete portfolio, selecting what you would like to include or exclude from your printed version, alongside your CV and Employment information.
There are many CPD portfolio builders available online, however CPDme provides an interactive and simple online portfolio building platform. CPDme has been developed and designed by a team of Health & Social Care professionals registered and currently employed in both NHS and local government sectors. We also have ongoing research with UK universities ensuring that our business meets the demand of the modern day professional.

This enables us to provide our members with development guidelines and relevant information on how to manage and record a range of CPD activities that are relevant to current practice. Our CPD mentors can assist with learning analysis such as reflective practice and our simple interactive development diary is designed to evolve as future practice changes.
Free Mobile Application 
Members benefit from being able to access and update their development portfolio on the move. The advantage of our mobile apps is that you can capture and document your development as it happens. The apps will automatically sync with your CPDme online profile creating a seamless experience for the user to access, download and print their portfolio in a professional format. Download our FREE iPhone or Android app today.
Designed to be Simple
CPDme is designed to simplify the formality of building a CPD portfolio by promoting an easy approach to planning and recording your personal development. It takes on average 4 minutes to document and update your personal development diary. Make a coffee, sit back and follow our easy to follow instructions. You can also backdate your CPD or even forward date your planned development, and then get reminded to document after the event.
Update your CPD Diary & Reflection anywhere
Our members can log in, access, record in their CPD diary, and upload supporting evidence of development from any location with internet access. The mobile app is also a great way to record reflective practice to show employers and governing bodies your analysis of an incident or reflection occurring in practice.