Our Blue Light Events Planning

"Ensuring a safe event for all"

The level of detail in your planning should be proportionate to the scale of the event and the degree of risk.

Safety plan
As an event organiser, identify the:
  • scale, type and scope of the event 
  • type and size of audience
  • location
  • duration of the event
  • time of day and year the event will be held
These factors will help you to determine what resources and facilities will be required.
Translate this information into an appropriate safety plan. 
The key tool for creating a safety plan is the process of risk assessment. For information to help with your event risk assessment, see also health and safety topics.

Checklist - Planning for an event
Ask yourself:
  • Have you decided who will help you with your duties?
  • Is there a clear understanding within the organising team of who will be responsible for safety matters?
  • Did you liaise with other agencies?
  • Have you planned for incidents and emergencies?
Templates - Please select your required template from below and submit to the follwoing email addresses:
team@ourbluelight.com  ​&  dave@eventsafetyservices.com
Risk Assesment Template